A mix recorded on the train from Prague to Berlin, by Adam Radz aka Sonic-fiction.



Ambient, Experimental

Thomas Ankersmit – Perceptual Geography


Hideki Umezawa – Inu Le

Koenraad Ecker – Between the Desire and the Spasm (Falls the Shadow)

JG Biberkopf – From Infinity to Here

Chino Amobi – Emmanuel

IVVVO – Life

Dedekind Cut – Maxine

Space Afrika – <>

Koenraad Ecker – Under Glass Argus Eyes


Helm – After Dark (Sky H1 remix)

Maxwell Sterling – Tenderness

—__–___ – Sadness, Infinite America …shit (feat. Karen Ng, Seth Graham & More Eaze)

Triad God – Gway Lo

Space Afrika – Rings ft. guest

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