ZIAD NAWFAL is a DJ, radio host, music promoter and producer based in Beirut. He has spent the better part of the last 25 years exposing Lebanon and the world to the special local and regional independent music talent, on his long-running radio shows ‘Ruptures’ and ‘Décalages’ on Radio-Lebanon. For Ma3azef Radio, Ziad curates a monthly selection consisting of old and new alternative and experimental music from Lebanon and the middle eastern region.



Electronica, Ambient, Post Rock

Kinematik – Al Kafila

Senyawa – Alkisah I (Hatem Imam Remix)                     

PanSTARRS – Ayez Anam            

Muqata’a – Bilharf Alwahad

Liliane Chlela – Charr          

Two or The Dragon – Dance Grooves for The Weary [Part I]  

FRKTL – Excision After Love Collapses                          

ABADIR – II              

Asifeh – Mazbalet Arqaam 

Elyse Tabet – We Slept Through the Day

Bana Haffar – Unbinding

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