Onsy is an electronic and IDM music producer based in Cairo, Egypt. Onsy began his career experimenting a variety of genres and styles ranging from the generic techno, electronic, and experimental ambient while considering things such as sound crafting, sound design and spectrums, rather than just composition, melody and arrangement.



IDM, Ambient, Glitch

Jurgen Muller – beyond the tide 

Dalglish – Seit Nuin 

Shutter385 – Can you prove i was Born 

Hildur Guonadottir – 12 hours before 

Brain Eno – Drift 

Phonenecia – How long is forever 

Autechre – Altibzz 

Hildur Guonadottir – Turbine Hall 

Dalglish – 8.4.2006 

Onsy – Upcoming Album on Quiettime opaaa

Julien neto – sketch 

Autechre – See on See 

Julien neto – iii 

Onsy – Upcoming Album on Quiettime 

ABADIR – Liminal – Liminal 

ZULI – Chiper 


ABADIR – Liminal – 9.9.8 

Phoenecia – Seba 

Aclds – T7K 

Dalglish – Oidhche 

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