Independent label #internetghetto started as a passion project of Hyperboloid Records and is now one of the constant developing platforms for up and coming music producers from Russia and all over the world.



Deconstructed Club, Drum & Bass, Juke, Footwork

silént phil – 1111

tryphème – FEY

Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star – Power Corrupts

HKE – Straight Ahead On The Sky

Broosnica – Around Me

Famitsu – Tranceware

Ani Klang – Us (Pixelord Remix)

Annie Hall – Dun Altre Planeta

Yung Acid – One Thing

Haunted Ghost – Half the Species

St Costa – Cold Jungle

Ppalace – NG

XI-N – 0090q

Summer of Haze – Insomni▲

Himera – Youre Going To Be Okay

Ital Tek – Cobra

Giant Swan – IFTLOYL

Minor Science – For Want of Gelt

Osheyack – Hidden Teeth

Shygirl – Rude

Slikback – KYOKAI

Y1640 – Weep

Special Request – Spectral Frequency

Varg2TM – A Weak Heart to Break BD 4-Ever

WWWINGS – Ride High GUNDAM Remix

Endgame – Sniper Redux x Kamixlo

Sega Bodega – CC feat Shygirl

Osheyack – Tertiary

Gabber Eleganza – Cant Remember

Ascendant Vierge – Influenceur

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