This selection is a venture into the broad spectrum of punk induced electronics whilst discovering the hypnotic spaces of extreme perceptive music.



Metal, Punk, Rap, Hardcore, Experimental

SITOI – Sitruskoira

Slikback & Hyph11E – MUSHEN

Mun Sing – Fourteen Sundays

HXE – Spill

111X – Pulse

Oboy x kingdom – Cobra Master

7777 の 天 使 – Desire, The Angels (GOLPE EROTICO deseo effect)

Dæmon – FaceValuue (Dis Fig remix)

Kamixlo – Cicatriz

The Bug ft Dis Fig – You



DUMA – Lionsblood

Ghostemane – Melanchoholic

Flora Yin-Wong – Terra

Audiowar – Dirty Link

Divtech – Spit Blood I

Spinal & Steen – Mijn Huis

Donna Haringwey – Invite

Lil Peep – Honestly

Polyphia – Look But Don’t Touch ft. Lewis Grant

Sune Rose Wagner – More Human Than Human

Michael O’Neill – Breakneck Pace

Bile – In My Eye

Mourning People – Black Night Battery

Sonic Area – Ghost

SAFA – immanence

Coil – AYOR (It’s In My Blood)

Deli Girls – You Want It You Got It

Decide Today – Shit For Reality (Realicide)

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