A mix of football fans discussions and stories of the revolution against French colonialism in the Kasbah neighborhood, the Malakov café and Bab El-Oued, the Algerian folk arose as one of the most important musical styles inherited from Andalusians, and was marked by the local rhythmic load of Arab and Berber roots. Shaabi Dzayr, a compilation of an outcome spanning half a century of Algerian Shaabi, from the founding grandfather of Anka, to Hashemi al-Qarbawi and the revolutionary Lunas Matoub, to the late Kamal al-Masoudi and Rasheed Taha. 



Algerian, Chaabi

الحمام الي ربيتو – محمد العنقة  

أنا عندي قلب – عمر الزاهي

الحراز – الهاشمي القرباوي  

لوناس معطوب – يا جبل ايث يرثان

بحر الطوفان – محمد الباجي

ربي بلاني بالطاسة – دحمان الجراشي

الشمعة – كمال المسعودي

آجي – رشيد طه

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