NEOPLASM, Russian based collective is focusing on showcasing artists and talents across borders. First show is composed by two members of the collective.



Ambient, Trance, Experimental

Viancy’s Attic — God’s Favourite

Chino Amobi — Petina

EE — Omega Plate

Malibu — I can see hills

Sam Kidel — Disruptive Muzak

Happa — I Thought The World of U

 Mickey Enwright — The Chord

Quit Life — When U See Me

Drumloop — Planner

Yamaneko — Second Encounter

Erotica Suite (Part 1)

BOD — Shamefully Asking for Help

Elysia Crampton —              Aboiltion

Jjjacob — Solitary Defeat

Alexandra Spence — Flora for a Friend

Organ Tapes — Dogs Running Free ft. Munni

Anima — Swallowed by Bird

I Wanna Rot in Your Arms Now

C/folder/infinished — UMD

Himera — Remember

Cedric Madden — Forever

Cedric Madden — al01

Cedric Madden — Always

Cedric Madden — Racer

ANIMA — Breaking Bonds

Oklou — Just Level 5 Cause It’s Cute


Anima — ATW

Lokey — Orosz Stretch

Toxe & Embaci — Sorry Honey

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