Songs to Ease the Decay is curated for people who have come to terms with the world going deeper into irreversible deterioration, but still cling on to life, dancing and head banging even to their own apocalypse. This episode by Maltash is an exprimental mix aimed towards uncovering melodic and rhythmic links between Rai, Tarab and Industrial music.



Industrial , Experimental, Rai, Tarab

Cheikh Fethi – Gouli Aalech Jitilia

Muslimgauze – Zion Poison (Maltash arab angst edit)

Saint Abdullah – Problem

Prophan – Beauty is a major sin

Bilocate – Days of Joy

Evitceles – Hydrogenic Koukh (maltash tarab edit)

Trepaneringsritualen x Hani Shaker – V.V.V x Ghalta (maltash tarab edit)

Ministry – Hezbollah

Avril Spleen – Shrowd (Elvin Brandhi Remix)

Kujo – جميل

Jucifer – Return

Maltash – عيون الملطوشين / شاب الليل

Warda – Haramt Ahebak

Maltash – Wassouf Can you hear me

Kamel Massaoudi – Ya Ghorbati fi Blad el Nas

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