Invisible Land Radio 8.5.2 | Technology is invented in the Vieux Carré; acadjmia meets Noria Lilt from worlds apart; will friendship be enough? Cover art by Ibuki Kuramochi 

Los Angeles


Experimental, Storytelling, Electronic, Sound Design

Ike Quebec – Loie

Phil Daddario – The Caretaker, Ch. 2

Tomoko Sauvage – Clepsydra

Ignaz Schick, Martin Tétreault – Cave12 part 3

Sarband – Polorum Regina

The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground

Shuttle358 – sea

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Feel

Million Brazilians – Untitled VI

Ernest Hood – Gloaming 

Ground – Osaka Native

Israel Martinez – Sada

DJ Khalab feat. Tenesha The Wordsmith – Black Noise

Tranceonic – America Is Happy

Onra – The Final Chapter

Botany – Orange Hits The Pupil

Nahash – Changement De Régime

R. Luke Dubois – Billboard: I 

Aretha Franklin – Someday We’ll All Be Free (acapella)

Ametsub – Mbr/Northbound

Ella Fitzgerald – Get Thee Behind Me Satan 

Alban Schelbert – Psyché Printemps – Binaural version (ft. Hanne Lippard)

Yogev Freilichman – Dry Air

Antwood – Sneakers

Smog – Abschluss SCAN

Nixtrove – Fire S

A-0 – Lotus

Monotronique – Bird Drib

Nic As Well – Morcego

Fisky – Kobra

Syntrovert – Hunt

Color Plus – Popped

Chastic Mess – Rivalery

Charlie XCX – Pink Diamond (Atrice Remix)

HANAH – Comic Sans Trap

Glyn Hendry – Escape Club 99

Lyra Valenza – Down Not Out

Rude Solo Light – Corp

ARCA – Riquiqui°(xiv14);Bronze-Instance

Ice Eyes – AFMR

Text Chunk – Needles

YCO Cru – Long Island

FFF – Would D Think It’s Smooth Enough?

Rian Trenor – Hypnic Jerks

Breach – Realitycheck

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