Celebrating Kid Fourteen’s Album Love anniversary and its Vinyl release, Kid fourteen features tracks that inspired the album with tracks from the record itself.



Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Experimental

Bruce Haack – Blowjob

Mort Garson – Plantasia

Kid Fourteen – Drifter

Gabe Gurnsey – Ultra Clear Sound

Fat White Family – Feet

William Onyeabor – Great Lover

Kid Fourteen – The Mind

Donny and Joe Emerson – Baby

Stuart A. Staples – A New Real

Kid Fourteen – Love and the City Pt.1

Pharoah Sanders – Love is Everywhere

Wanderlust (Factory Floor Remix)

Marie Davidson – Work it

Kid Fourteen – One Day I’m Gone

Kid Fourteen – Love and the City Pt.2

Scott Walker – On Your Own Again

Oko Ebombo – Black Bowie

Kid Fourteen – Plastic Lasts Longer Than Love

Kid Fourteen – Arab Prince

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