Online broadcasting aims to archive Africa through sonic musicology, exploring the African societies by their music, listen to different types of music genres and many languages, this project is based on African music that tradition mainly played at gatherings at special occasions the traditional music of Africa, given the vastness of the continent. This project is focused on playing alternative music, electronic music, sound art tracks, and soundscapes from different societies to explore more about each music scene in each city in Africa.



Jazz, Blues, Afro, Ethnic

Mysterious Traveller – Into Afro

Public Invasion Project – The Pedro

United Peace Voices – Lama Tzong Kapa

The Modern African Spirit – African Dream

Mysterious Traveller – Serengheti

Voo Doo Phunk – VDP

Stato Brado – The Rain

The Truffle Tribe – Enchantment of Nature

Mysterious Traveller – Mystic Hill

Public Invasion Project – Our Trip

Maestro Garofalo – Nobody

Sabo Zeb – Vibration

Ltj Xperience – Get on Freak

Public Invasion Project – Nakat’in

Jaymz Nylon – Afrotech Theme [Outro]

The Truffle Tribe – Arabic

Mysterious Traveller – Berimballo

The Truffle Tribe – Coming from Blankness

Zeb – Afrobug

Public Invasion Project – Afkar

Ltj Xperience – Up and Go

The Truffle Tribe – Truffle Africa

Jaymz Nylon – Shango

Zeb – Bouncing Hippies

Ltj Xperience – Sound Machine

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