The third edition of Waverider, featuring some old & new Minimal Wave, Cold Wave & Post-Punk.



Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, Post-Punk

Observers Observing Observables – Remodel Yourself

Solvent – A Panel Of Experts (Lowfish Remix)

Land Of Giants – Fountains In The Rain

Geneva Jacuzzi – Technophelia

Victrola – Maritime Tatami

Marie Möör – Pretty Day Guerre

Froide – Demain Berlin

John Maus – Bennington Antena – Unable

The Neon Judgement – Chinese

Black Bergtraum – Männerfreiheit

Sad Lovers And Giants – Colourless Dream

Bal Paré – Palais d’Amour

Futurisk – Meteoright (1982)

Fehlfarben – Schlaflos nachts

Goldendust – Forever Midnight

Gertrud Stein – I Can’t Dance

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