Klahrk returns to Ma3azef after the summer break with a special b2b with the master of the blend séverine – 1 hour of energy.



 Dance, Club, Electronic

Divpro – Leaking

séverine – Cash Circuit (Megan Thee Stallion x M.E.S.H)

FoxMind – Mirror Bounce

Sobolik – Theater Mode

aya – AS Burn

Bapari – The Flood

City Girls – Oasis (Cleyra Edit)

Enayet – Chokkor চক্কর

Klahrk – Sharp-Set (KAVARI Remix)

NKC – Nerve Plant

TAAHLIAH & KAVARI – Transdimensional

Axine M – Ripple Skew (Dmitra Remix)

Dub Across Borders – Black Lake

MM – Tompocalypse

Tygapaw – Facety

séverine – Toxic Masculine NRG (M.I.A x Perc)

Repro – Triad

Sync 24 & Privacy – General Data Standard

Earl Grey – After They Turn The Rigs Off

DJ Manny – Go Down

Pa Salieu – Dem A Lie (ÜIJ Fix)

qwizzz – not a drop of serotonin left in los angeles and it’s all my fault

Wladimir M – Planet E (Skee Mask Remix)

Outback – Transit Stages

Thoden – Bounded

New Members – Rising Aura

Klotang – I.D (Visions Edit)

Dj Clope – Laputa

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