ISSA is a young talented producer from Belgrade. I heard this set of his at the Sub Rosa party that SUTRA is organizing, and this guy blew us away with this amazing set! First 26 mins is my intro that’s more on the emotional side.



Dance, Electronic, Ambient

Loraine James – Self Doubt (Leaving The Club Early)

Oneohtrix Point Never, ROSALÍA – Nothing’s Special

Space Afrika – Honest Labour – Preparing the Perfect Response

Rian Treanor – ATAXIA A1

QOW – Morr

Nazar – Pressure

Still – High Cry Interlude

Zora Jones – Paranoid

Enayet – Bhir (Cassius Select Enemy Remix)

Erika De Casier – Better Than That

Pearson Sound – Rubble

Breaka – Icy Grills

Nomad – Devotion (Pangaea’s Edit)

She’s Drunk – Amadoda (feat. Sho Madjozi) (Shy One Remix)

Credit 00 – R You Ready 2 Jack

Leonce & Neana – Steam Room

KG – BBM Remix

Octo Octa – Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!

Digital Domain – I Need Relief

Locked Club – Svoboda feat. Vadim Seleznev

Alex Falk – Self

Retina Set – So Seductive & Busy

Jam City – The Courts

Gigi D’Agostino – Bla Bla Bailinho (Paul Mond & Maul Pond flip)

Pixelord – Kamon

Averian & 3phaz – Heel Turn

Taly & Smith – Bomber

Anz – Helps Your Two Hips Move

Lady Lykez feat. Lioness – Muhammad Ali (Remix)

Skuum – Blue Nespresso

Hermeth – Over Stressing

JASS – Turbo Ole

Tommy Holohan – Harpcore Draw

Skuum – E R A V E (Shedbug’s Freedom Mix)

Vladimir Dubyshkin – russian porn magazine

Shay Whelan – Prodigy Dub


Piezo – Turbo Island (Megarave Mix)

quest?onmarc – OK! (Louis Me Remix)

Mutant Joe – Boom, Drop

DJ Please – Praise The Dub

Text Chunk, Hood Joplin – Keepflowin’

Textasy – 4 The Dropper

Pixelord – FX Twin


Rafa Maya – Toxicc

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