Mystical,noisy and banging selection by label co-owner 11xxx27& Mystics.



Ambient, Experimental, Industrial

Objekt – Another Knot

Varg2TM, Exploited Body – Haunt Me Like The Snakes That Killed You

Dj Emerson – Too Many People Talking

Fis – Kal

Monovsn – Fire Hazard (Original Mix)

Clouds – Clearance + Years of Denial – Poison Always Tastes Good

Granul – Fluid

Exploited Body – She Blames The River

AJA – Charge

Mondkopf – Ruins

Raffaele Attanasio – Vual

Adam X-Intermission On The Congo

Mystics – Dirty Broken Carillon

Headless Horseman – Haunted

Fret – Pirates

Advanced Audio Research – FYP

Evitceles – Eva’s Blue Dream

Ccontrary – Nightmare

MBSSDR – Anthrax

Aphex Twin – 

S S S S – And All Of This Can Be Broken

Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch – Transmission  6

Mystics & Mara – Play The Game (Unreleased)

S.O.S. Gunver Rymberg – Doing Our Best Is No Longer Good Enough

Shed – Menschen Und Mauern

Quirke – Sample Devon

Maenad Veyl – Reassessment

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