In this show of katharsis, jjjacob starts the show with his personal blend of exquisite ambient, emotional bangers and trancey anthems. Following him is the next artist of the katharsis discography chantssss, who is releasing his debut ep on the label in december, with an ASMR-esque ambient set. Finally comes a vaporwavey cleansing soulful set of old-school jams from grant chapman.



Ambient, Cleansing, Emotional

J Sliwa – Born

☆7571 – Obstacle Under The Sun (O1 75′ Rework)

Sçlé – Sunlit Blur

MASKINA – tangerine

Quit Life – Is It Real

dj lostboi – Don’t Worry (Child Mix)

Max Richter – never fade into nothingness

Basura – vortigaunt

Rabit – love

Paul Sauvanet – Eleusis

Kid Smpl – Cherish Reliant

J Sliwa – Angels of Love

Bby Eco – Only In Dreams

Cor2Pel – ws midnight

°w°s -phone skit ft. Valentine & haribow

Anna von Hausswolff – Persefone

Ani Klang – Then the rabbit hole ensued, it ensued hard, it ensued aggressively hard.

TIBSLC – Later That Day

Tau Contrib – thripSwarms

Mu tate – Impulse

Perila – Enchiz

Legs Eleven – Beneath*

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ ft. Ben Bondy – Binary


Infant – Presence*

Nikolay Kozlov ft mu tate – Lock 1

Perila – Vaxxine

Space Afrika – Indigo Grit (feat. guest)

Healion – Vetiver


blossom dearie – somebody new

steve leach -i meditate each day

rajie – heart to heart

steve kuhn – time to go

hooky – funny ol’ kind of girl

harry case – in a mood

beach boys – please let me wonder

the free design – my brother woody

dennis planter – i still dream of you

tom dae – just as long as you are mine

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