NMM is a Prague based DJ, artist and music writer. Works mainly with time-based media, contexts, words and drawing. (Sicko daydreaming mix as a conversation between past and future. Recalling memories that haven’t happened yet.)



Storytelling, Experimental, Emotional

N-Prolenta – Kola’s Lemma

Bendik Giske – Adjust (Total Freedom Remix)

7038634357 – Love Unbound (Underside)

Pauline Oliveros – A Love Song

Dean Blunt – Imperial Gold feat. Joanne Robertson (snippet)

7038634357 – No Hate Is a Cold Star (snippet)

SKY H1 – Labyrinth

timmi – unreleased

Maria W. Horn – Stramonium

N-Prolenta – Bref (Denise, beside herself) feat. Manuel Arturo

Mabe Fratti – Aire

Yves Tumor – Licking the Orchid feat. James K. (snippet)

William Basinski – The Wheel of Fortune x morning bird recording (2019)

Inga Copeland – Fit 1

OPN – Nassau

Oliver Torr – Marseille feat. Clara de Asís

Lokey – Lime

Viancy’s Attic / DVIANCE / – Gods Favorite

Dean Blunt – Imperial Gold feat. Joanne Robertson

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