Athens based artists Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa started their relationship as Ice_Eyes members some years ago. Together they produce leftfield electronic music forms. Both artists are constantly experimenting with modern club territories, techniques, and atmospheres. Their favorite palette of materials consists of advanced dynamic sound motifs, sub-zero pitched bass drops, and rhythmic alchemies.



Club, Hyperpop, Experimental

Evitceles – Sink

Exploited Boy – You Say My Heart’s In The Right Place Even Though I’m Not In My Body

Ptwiggs – Ebb And Flow

oqbqbo & Vallmo – Open Like A Flash

Yara – Eyeless

Paraadiso – Riflesso

HXE – Rozay

BEARCAT – The Bells

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – 7NE

 Belia Winnewisser – Ghost

 KAVARI – Healing Spring

 Dark0 – Storm_Earth

 Schism – Rain String

 Miss Jay – Fantasy

 Endgame – Bodies

 APEAK – M-Way (feat. Felix Lee)

 Glass – Skin Transfer

 7777 の天使 – Witch Heaven

 Anne Imhof , Eliza Douglas , Billy Butheel – Moshpit I

 Hyperclear Death – Genetics

 Ronce – Lolita

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