Kaleidophone is a free-form hour of music where anything goes. A sonic space where genres can forget about their differences and play along, where drastic changes in mood are possible. In this episode, we dance without the use of drum machines. Adham Zidan is a musician, recordist, mixer and producer based in Cairo.



Psychedelia, Free-Form, Rai

Cheb Khaled — Mahlali Noum

Fela Kuti — Eko

Meridian Brothers — Guaracha U.F.O (No Estamos Solos…)

Kaba Blon — Moribayassa

Brian Eno — Third Uncle

Cornelius — Free Fall

Clinic — Monkey On Your Back

Porest — Diplomat Smile

R.D. Burman — Main Hoon Pyar Tera

Di Melo — Kilario

Captain Beefheart — Sun Zoom Spark

Praed — Stoned Crocodiles

Group Doueh — Zayna Jumma

David Bowie — Sound and Vision

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