B13 invites on the seventh episode the Cairo favorite Nour Fahmy under his new Techno allies AT:MA | عتمة, delivering 60 mins of underrated techno straight from the heart with no compromises. AT:MA replaces freshness with filth, variability with consistency, and constructs with preferences. Keeping story-telling at the core, AT:MA has so much to say.



Techno, House, Detroit

dxrvo – Spacetimes

Amotik – Daya

Kameliia – Itself

Mike Davis – Nobody To Blame

Phyxix – Depths

Yant – Contravention

Parano – EX1.3

Lewis Fautzi – Inwards

Alarico – Rotten

Regent – Interpolate

Alien Rain – Alien Tool 1

Mac Declos – Plastic Body Dance

Alarico – Shinjuku Streets

Ferdinger – Hypertension

Alpha Tracks – Golden Shot (Original Mix)

Elad Magdasi feat. Gertruda – I Am Emotional

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