After both releasing their records via the label in the past, Gin&Platonic are pleased to invite their long-time friend and collaborator Strachkvas & the legendary Japanese producer toiret status together to their next guestshow hosted on ma3azef.

Czech Republic


Experimental, IDM, Ambient

Sam Gendel – WAA

Scott Young – Tuck (with Joe Beedles)

Ursula Sereghy – ???? (unmastered)

Vina Konda – >0>

Proc Fiskal – Thurs Jung Yout

Wobbly – Thoughtful Refrigerator

Dave Saved – Collapsing Patterns

Queimada – My Other Self Said

CupoCupo – Wax

Maxwell Sterling – Decay Time

Eilien – Dawned

yokai kai – avei

Loraine James – Self Doubt (Leaving The Club Early)

silént phil & RareFlora – Wind

Tomáš Knoflíček – Brain Riot

Georgia – Mental Arena Mode

Teresa Winter – Energy Buoy

Basic Rhythm – Palace of the Peacock

Space Afrika – Version 1

Pan Daijing – Let

Ulla Straus – Both Feelings

Base de Funk – Estilo Bonde R300 (2017)

Omeed Norouzi – RS1

M.E.S.H. – Alright, NO/Scythians

Alois Hába – Suite for 4 trombones in quarter tones system Op.72

Sickly Spirit – Flayed / Lake Cocytus

Terrorythmus – Psy Drop

DJ IBON – Aleine i 120 over Hørte

TCF – HGPEi01sAZTlZwlmfG1r+ImMo0DFS8S19w5huSlOd9s=

Strachkvas – ???

Existing Boyz – Its Too Much

Lil Asaf – Wadi Saqra

DRONIC – The Revolution of Dronic 2020

Nelson Freire – Debussy:Preludes,Book 1 – La Fi

KOHH – Where You At? (toiret status EDIT)

Colin Stetson – Party,Crash

Jun Katagiri – voice of noise (toiret status EDIT1)

JOHNNASCUS – M@LWAR3+# [untitled_0018]]

Jun Katagiri – voice of noise (toiret status EDIT2)

The Psychic Paramount – DDB

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