evo-natura is an avant-garde label based in Athens, Greece.  For their 9th episode, the tiny man himself, slugabed, will take over the show on Ma3azef radio. 



Ambient, Drone, Experimental

peter talisman – live on cley hill

slugabed – a thousand tiny hands

slugabed – drifting in and out

noel johnston and cookie, 17, from texas – D dorian dog water

unknown – not sure

slugabed – put the runes on u (S280F remix)

slugabed – nunhead reservoir

eberhard weber – more colours

slugabed – ggGod Delsuions innthe bath

gary burton & keith jarrett – moonchild

slugabed – curl your toes, clench your fists

slugabed – farewell, tiny man! (excerpt)

peter talisman – [prelude] a difficult fog descends on the land

meemo comma – tzimtzum

max richter – on the nature of daylight

levitat potat – ROUND N ROUND(we go)

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