Amman based artist soundtracks feelings of anger and sadness.



Dance, Trap, Hip Hop

Death Grips – Flies

Zillakami X Sosmula – The Electric Experience

Ramirez – Ebony Wood Stock

Ice_Eyes – Spell Format

Katatonic Silentio – Erupting Soil

Ize – Come Up

Aïsha Devi – Dislocation Of The Alpha

Mars89 – Body Collapse

Pursent – 9175974

Death Kneel – Guilt Dependency

7Liwa – Torres

F.B.K – Kaabi

Varg2TM & Exploited Body – Haunt Me Like The Snakes That Killed You (Ft. Vallmo) 

Dj Chari & Dj Tatsuki – Best Way 2 Die Feat. Jin Dogg, Lex & Youngbong

Cheb Terro – Beetlejuice 02

Sasha Go Hard Ft. Katie Got Bandz – Energy

Mars89 – Miniluv

Ptwiggs – Trust

The Purist – Jealousy (Feat. Danny Brown)

Saria Al Sawas – Ya Bnayya Ya Al Wardah

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