STILL (@stillagramstill) will be hosting a monthly radio show @ma3azef featuring a cast of different MC/singers as part of their upcoming KIKOMMANDO MIXTAPE, a project developed in Kampala / Uganda over the course of the past two years. The mixtape will be released this summer as a collaborative effort between @nyegenyege’s Hakuna Kulala imprint and PAN. 



Rap, Trap, Grime, Drill

BLAQ BANDANA – Nkwaata [produced by STILL]

BLAQ BANDANA – Njagala Dagala [produced by Frederick borch olsen × ear]

BLAQ BANDANA – Kampala [produced by Skitts]

BLAQ BANDANA – Kikibamutwe 


BLAQ BANDANA – Mokota Yange (no kisami) [produced by Slikback × Green ]

Shabjdeed & Riyadiyat – Fi Harb – فيحرب

K1 N15 – Bad 1

1011  Next Up ft Digga D SavO TY

Workrate – Next Up S3E22

K1 N15 – Bando

K1 – Designer Drip

SV – No Fibz

Young M.A. – Off The Yak

Speranza – Casertexas

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