Nidal Taha invites Új Bála to his monthly show; Új Bála aka Kid Champagne are the solo project of Gábor Kovács, recorded a tape mix for Badlcukwind from Budapest based troublemaker. Also known as Cranky Bow. One half of Dutch Courage. Új Bála, AKA Gábor Kovács AKA Kid Champagne – you may recall his punk-anarchist aesthetic casting psychedelia and rhythmic noise passages into a metal-quicksilver monolith.



Experimental, Rhythmic Noise


Januszewski – Untitled II (Czaszka Records)

John Wesseltoft/Balázs Pándi – Infinite Vice I. extract (Tapeworm)

Free Magic Show – Motown Side B extract (Steep Gloss)

Wolf Eyes –  T.O.D.D. (Third Man Records)

Kraus – I Am A Worm (IKUISUUS)

Violent Quand ON Aime –Locked Streets (Simple Music Experience)

Asio Otus – Amen (URUBU Tapes)

Alley Catss – 0y6weFBv # # (Midlife)

Somnoroase Pasarele – ATEP VARA (Baba Vanga)

Duy Gebord – What had previously been (Pointless Geometry)

Carval Tarek – Nation De La Boue Face B Extract

Drainolith – Moskos Reads The Zonal Poems extract (NNA Tapes)

Li Jianhong – At Dusk, Man At The Stream (Cold Moss)

Wojciech Kilar – Bram Stoker’s Dracula OST extract (Columbia)

Regis Turner – Credits keep rolling (Indian Redhead)

Budokan Boys – No Show (Baba Vanga)

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