Rabbitcat invites Cheap Crap Community aka CCC, experimental artist from China, for a takeover. CCC came from the idea-craps are equal, there’s no difference of value between different items. The results of judging too much and no judgement are similar which both direct to chaos. The true value is hidden in the invisible connection, behavior and each move so that a community formed upon all these.



Experimental, Noise, Electronic

I should not open the beer – Tau, CheapCrapCommunity(CCC)

3am – Tau, CCC

6am – Tau, CCC

353 AD – Fish, Zenghui Li

The beginning of late spring – Zz, CCC


Doesn’t Hurt – Fish, CCC

Nearly Finished – CCC

Foot-binding Clothe (Live) – KaiSeLu

A Little Asshole – KaiSeLu

Seducing the prodigal – KaiSeLu

You definitely look like a motherfucker – KaiSeLu

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