Drowned by Locals invite guests Salem Rashid and Constantine Skourlis for a Bedouin Records takeover end-of-2020 special featuring a few worldwide exclusive tracks.



Industrial, Noise, Ambient

fatalism – saifon

She Luv It – Into The Oblivion

Hiiro Issiki – Body Without Organs

Ryo Murakami – Time

Haku Sungho – Trinity

Maze & Lindholm – Racing, Chasing, Hunting

Haku Sungho – 或る景

Granule – Lucifer Rising

Aquarian – 365 Days and Counting

Chaperone – feral pet the ankh the ticker wears

Michalis Moschoutis – Soft Tissue

Huma – Eva

Lyra Pramuk -Xeno

SPR – The Purest Ore is Produced from the Hottest Furnace

Liam Byrne – Lines Curved Rivers Mirrored I

Oto Hiax – Overcurve

Ali Wade – Imago

Arad – We are Bacteria Send out into Space

Panos Alexiadis – Struggling Escense

Martijn Comes – Keep on Rowing (with Yiannis Kotsonis)

Opeth – Demon of the Fall

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