Tzii is a music composer and filmmaker, He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, releasing vinyls and tapes, and is a co-founder & active member of the label/collective V-ATAK. His main aim is bring the auditors to dirty paradises and to do so he explores infinite different worlds and expressions, from music to performance or collective creations.



 Electronic, Experimental, Folk

Zefiro Torna, Ghalia Benali, Vocalconsort Berlin: Favus distillans – Mw’soul

Afanassi Viebeg:Einsamer Reiter Bei Viel Sonne

Ujjaya & Hala Hachem: Fi youm wi leyla

Romulus + Remus: Gharbzadegi

Saba Alizadeh: Greetings To Earthfire

Seb El Zin: Snow Over Kabul

Checkpoint 303: Morning star (ft. Jawaher Shofani)

Officium + Tzii: Tomimi’s distant shore (Exclusive demo version forthcoming on OKVLT)

Darla Smoking: World Detuning

Jerusalem In My Heart: Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab

Air LQD & Abdullah Miniawy – How Do You Burry A Paperless Man

Autarkic: Zaffa (Autarkic Edit)

Mutamassik: High Alert A’al Geddu Featuring 4th Pyramid

Music of the South Sinai Bedouins: Qasidah

Zaliva-D: Netherworld Orgies

Tzii: Perjalanan Terakhir (for Neoan Perdana Timor)

Bedouin wedding song (south of wadi musa, jordan)

Zefiro Torna, Ghalia Benali, Vocalconsort Berlin: Last Embrace

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