Castell Lanko aka Rabbitcat is a visual artist and DJ based in Cairo who’s selection is as intense, generously/mindfully saturated as her visual output.



Experimental, EBM, Witch House

Ena – Faction

Broshuda – Jemi

Shuttle358 – Prisms

Astrobotnia – Lightworks

Piano Princess – All the time

Kareem Lotfy – Chromosome

Sonni Vaiio – Talking Board

Kiyo – Flow

Xerrox – Phaser acat 1

Rain Temple – Lost in a dream

Qebo – Orion


Mika Vainio – Movement 10

Sinealog – God is Dead

Akira Takemoto – Lain and Eiri

Yeule – Penelope’s Wall

Nakaido Reichi – Kiri No Ijigen

Kiyoshi Yoshida – Baby’s Noise

Kangding Ray – apnée.part ii

Jan Jelinek – Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the industry fashion.

Yeule – My Music is Nat Ćmiel


Ryoji Ikeda – Data.Flex

Vlnc Drks – A1 the detailed revamped message

Ryoji Ikeda – Bolt 5

Grischa Lichtenberger – Arct 1

Coach Wash – Camo Tail

Datach’I – xor a+b (10110101) ~ (you and me) 13

Qebrus – ༜°༜ ᓭᘳᓆ⊆⊂⊚⊃⊇ᓏᘰᓯ༜°༜

Spender – 200102_0001_2

Qebrus – ⊶⊑ ⊒⊷

Ryoji Ikeda – Transmissions

Rain Temple – Lost by Love

Costa Gröhn – Königskoppel

Ryoji Ikeda – What’s Wrong

Annie Hall – Sade Abe

Grischa Lichtenberger – 003_0415_09_0215_13_youtube Beat Mainliner-Singleshots Rec_Arrg_! _E

Kill Alters – Mosquito’s gonna bite the shit out of you

1 800 PAIN – HURT

INSIN – Kali Phos

Philip Jeck – Capriole

Jan Jelinek – Joseph Beuys, it was you who said Democracy is so big one can only sing about it. You

recently made your debut as a singer. Which democracy are you singing about

Venta Protesix – The Poisoning of My Yellow Cow

Jan Jelinek – Moiré

Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser Acat 1

0N4B – Unreleased

Masayoshi Fujita – What You Should Know About Me

Z’EV – Introduction – Man, (the Warrior)

Onsy – Artefacts

Kiyoshi Yoshida – Planet (blueing version)

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