I will introduce you to the work of important noise music artist Minóy — the pseudonym of American electronic art musician and sound artist Stanley Keith Bowsza Minóy’s audio compositions, often conjuring up an enigmatic world of almost dreadful depth, earned him a key position in the homemade independent cassette culture scene of the 1980s. I will play eight of Minóy’s audio compositions that span the years 1985 to 1993, these pieces were discovered and selected by Joseph Nechvatal, who is an American post conceptual artist and art theoretician[2] who creates computer-assisted paintings and computer animations, often using custom-created computer viruses.



Noise, Drone, Ambient

Corridors (1985)

Shame on Love (1986)

Mass (1986)

Distant Thoughts (1986)

Alarm (1990)

Relocation (1990)

Bread and Wine (1990)

Pawbone Kisser Daylight Sins (1993)

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