The mix combines different eras of the Kabylie song, in which the influences of Algerian folk and traditional Kabyle folklore intersect, such as songs about work, olive harvesting and wedding songs, which contributed to sculpting the harsh terrain of the Djerjara mountains. A collection of the most important names that shaped the lyrical morphology of the Kabylie region. From his advanced leaders with Suleiman Azzam and Taus Amrouche, to his generation Al Mouttab, who witnessed the Amazigh spring and the revolution of music, headed by Lounas Matoub, Idir and Ait Mengalit, to Takfarinas and Jamal Allam.



Kabyle, Algerian, Folk

Cherifa – Abka Ala Khir Ya Akbou

Lounes Maatoub – Mrehba s lehbab

Taos Amrouche  – Ma tevghid  ad am ngal

Nouara – Awal N LHob

Slimane Azem – Aya Assas Tala

Idir-  Azwaw

Idir – Zwit Rwit

Lounes Maatoub – Tighri n taggalt

Marguerite Taos Amrouche – Lmenfi

Lounis Aït Menguellet – Urgigh

Djamel Allam – Gatlato

Idir – Yelha Wrar

Takfarinas – Zaama zaama

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