Ms. Elmi curates acadjmia’s monthly show, inviting Wanton Witch from Bangkok and Couscous Collections from Kampala .

Los Angeles


Avant-garde, Experimental, Club, Bass, Dub, Acid

Debby Friday – RUNNIN

ex.sses – M.A.D.

Summer Of Haze X CHERNOBURKV – Suspiria

YOTO – El Hijo De La Jarra Loca

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Moon Is A Bell For Meteor (feat Vica)

Impey AceMo & BAADNEWS – Afta Hours


Philanthropist – Necromancer

nunu – Cherish

Ocean Stirs – Spawned In Motion

personalbrand – ROBO THUG

Cafard – Acidopholis

Nico Moreno – Purple Widow (999999999 Remix)

Thegn –  Deceiver

Europa – Baby Bliss

Clubkelly -TTGD

Fauste – Fatal Fantasy

AMMAR 808 – Marivere gati (feat. Susha) 

Rafael Aragon & Stas – Ik Vari Do Vari

Dj Haram – Overeager

Acid Arab – Staifia (feat. Radia Menel)

Shadi Khries – Semsemeh

Imp̩rieux РCulture Mess (Original Mix)

Red Axes – Mumbai Syndrom

Inti Kunza – Pachamam

Who Am I (C2 Version Mix) [feat. Athenai & C. Robert Walker]

Lamin Fofana – Dance in yr blood

Lorenzo BITW – Dudu

Lascivio Bohemia – Agua salada

Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon – Hu Alla (Red Axes Remix)

Floyd Lavine – My African Acid

Sirens of Lesbos – Erytrea nèdègé 

Uffe – Free House

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