“Make Kin, not Mixes” – To celebrate the release of the new mixtape and post-geographical survey Exotic Ésotérique Vol.3 as well as their first five years of activity, Artetetra asked compilation contributors to elaborate mixes for different independent platforms and radios. One hour practice of kinship in speculative underwater ecologies, synthesized voices and hyperreal field recordings.



Ambient, Modern Classical, Experimental

Charles Dodge: The Story of Our Lives (I)

Mark Nauseef: Colotomix II

Knud Viktor: Image 3

Fumio Miyashita & Hisaya Morisige: 渓流/ 森繁久彌

Eric Vann: Sea World

Büdi Siebert: The Power Of The North

Michel Saugy: Asteria

Interior: Shadows of You

Max Roach: Morning/Midday

Paul Lansky: Idle Chatter junior

David Behrman & Maggi Payne: QS

Luis Perez: Insectos

Frémeaux Nature: France: Dombes, à la tombée de la nuit, en juillet, pt. 1

Michel Redolfi: Crystal Coral

Nippon Gagaku Kai: Eterenraku in Hyojo

Coil: The Mothership and the Fatherland – Prescription Edition

Christophe Haas & Ensemble Cosmedin: Christe qui lux es et dies [Milan, before 534]

Paul Lansky & Hannah MacKay: Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion: her voice

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