Two hours of sinister and eerie electronic music and bass digressions mixed in hostile fields. Special guest German Army, with a neurotic and swinging selection of dirty environments and distorted loops.



Experimental, Ambient, Electronic, Leftfield

The Master Musicians of Joujouka – Moulay Abdeslam

Tasos Chalkias – Palia Itia (Old Willow Tree)

Rabit – FOR ME

Moro – Salve Sua Vida

Emptyset – Function

N-Prolenta – Rush (a humor)

W – Un I

Hype Williams – #Blackcardsmatter

Kindohm – Deserted 2

nathanshersherman – Leaked

Basic House – Scaled Composites

FUJI||||||||||TA – osoi

Leila – Don’t Fall Asleep

Low Jack – Saab Prelude (Radio)

Ice – Dusted (Dick Smothers Mix)

Silk Saw – Open a Breach in the Leaden Sky

Klahrk & Roxas – Influence

Ascdi – Teen Pop Phenomenon + Snake!

Lost Armor – Got Got

Iso Brown – Notoide

Lensk – Strained (FRKTL Manifold Remix)

Piag3t & Tristan – Curved Spring

Nocturnerror – Blue Cycle

Infant – Witness

T5UMUT5UMU – Tropical Biodiversity

bruit – La distance

Airflo – Drowsy

Coeden – Numence

DJ Staring Problem – Glamis

Hudaztek – Cop Killer Tribe

Lokowat – Cabana Furtiva

du Taureau – Jardis

Daphne X – Fireflies in the Sky

FUMU – Sonic Plaster Attack Panic

Foolish Belief – Piss The Youner 

Cha Hyun – Yukubou Lover

8ULENTINA – Patch of sunlight

Evan Caminiti – Autoscopy Theme

JAGAJAGA – Astroboti

City – Brightness

Abajo – Titanik

Señor Sin Sexo – Answer Three

getonmy – C B D 4k

chipmunks on 16 speed – Mr Tambourine Man

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