7II is one of the worst Dj’s in Belgrade when it comes to writing his bio. Like in music, crossing the line becomes a habbit for this young gentleman, whether it’s über fast, uncompromising dance music, or cheesy lines that are supposed to make you laugh, but ultimately end up making you cringe, the boi always provokes a strong reaction. No words can describe the true nature of his music, as it is one of the few mysteries he himself is yet to discover, but this mix comes pretty close.



Tech house, Romanian Minimal

Yre Den – Dryden

Ma Sha Ru – Unbalanced Circle

Despina – Entropics

Lag – Salajka

TSVI & Seven Orbits – Compos Mentis

Soreab – Cave Walk (Cando Remix)

Peev & Realitycheck – Demand Generation

Plebeian – Entry Plug


Killawatt – Open Your Eyes (Hamilton Scalpel Remix)

Endless Mow – Insect

aya – dare u to sour lips with me

Design Default – Geminids

Bonebrokk – Hyperparadox (Galtier Remix)

Still – Ntabala (Rolex Riddim)

c mantle – Tryptych

Hamilton Scalpel – Cadzow Skrak

Lithe – Kutta

IDKLANG – Echo Is A Dancer

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