Rhythm is our universal mother tongue.It’s the language of the soul. Every man must act in the rhythm of his time…such is wisdom. Once you have found your rhythm, you will then know your God. Nikola Damjanovic is a talented DJ from Belgrade, whose eclectic style makes every party dancier and bassier! He has his own party organisation All The Rhythms, where we got the chance to work together! He likes to combine different rhythms and genres in his sets. Enjoy!



Bass, Dubstep, Rhythmic

Space Afrika – yyyyyy2222

Ziyiz – Entity Preferences

Simo Cell – Short Leg

Peverelist/Kowton – Exhale

BFTT – (in)finite scroll

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Fiebre

ABADIR – 2030

Tristan Arp – Pipeline (Machine Woman rework)

Flore – Evidence (azu Tiwaline Remix)

Forest Drive West – Para

Kaval – Firing Devices

Pessimist – Empty Words

Brodinski, Modulaw – Atrocity

Mutant Joe – Moments Of Awareness

turian – sacrifice

Commodo – Guah

INVT – Primera vista

INVT – Pa’dentro

INVT – La floresta

Emma DJ – Ronaldo

Happa – 15Three

LCY – 2020

Pvssyheaven – Ring my phone

Sonido Berzerk – Pummel

INVT – She goin back

INVT – Work (feat DJ Earl)

LCY – About her

Sonido Berzerk – Champion sound

Sonido Berzerk – Oshun

Sonido Berzerk & HAAi  – Ghetto jam

 Zora Jones – The Zone

Sonido Berzerk – Ritual

INVT – Junglism

Polo Lilli – MTBK

Provoke – The World

Duswunder – Adorned

Walters – Saturn Basement

Thodén  – Glint 

Laksa – Ardhall-Laksa

Pixelord – Sunday Jungle

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