Trngs invites Echinacea for their monthly show. Echinacea is an artist currently located in Massachusetts. 60mins of contrasting immersive digital experiences – hyper maximalist flash core and hi-tech vs intense ambient tracks.



Flashcore, Hi-tech, Ambient

Dasychira – Pandora (Instrumental)

Annwn – Haarp Pulsar Generator

VAETXH – Unfolding Mechanism

La Peste – je le sais je le sang

Atomhead – Spiral Field Velocity 2.0

Hyph11E – Barnacles

Automatisme – Alter-Rate 4

Death Qualia – Curb Your Fanged

SD-501 – Binary dreams

Poztman – Burial Blossom

Jari Pitkanen – Anxiety

Xanopticon & Rusty K – Broken eye of us(Xenodine-4-pluorate mashup)

Qebrus – Arachna

Galen Tipton – silver sword, rainbow bridge

Iku – In The Way They Move

star citizen exploring (no commentary)

ice cyborg – XAX (spell is cast by sap as tears)

Headhunterz – The Power of Music

Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – Long Singing

Torus – Arrival

candlelight – pr4ctice-2

kettu – close whispered IPCC-REPORT

Ludvig Forssell – Strands

iVY hOLLIVANA – skype softness (EMILY GLASS  Banished euphoria rework)

Sun Angels – Stryka (Beth Sawlts Remix)

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin – Prelude

lil art project – The State Of Things

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