Noiztatic is an experimental electronic music project founded by music producers Amr El Abiad and Khaled Weshahy, both hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, exploring the dark regime of electronics. Swiveling between drone, industrial and techno territories, their sound is a reflection all the discomforts and aggressiveness within. This mix include tracks that we have been digging lately and some influences for production.



Industrial Techno, EBM, Broken beats

Blind Delon – Edouard (Vittorio Di Mango Remix)

Rommek – Break The Tension

WarinD – Sacrifice (VSK Remix)

Stave – Hardened Chord (Regis Remix)

Blind Delon – Edouard (11xxx27 Remix)

Unhuman & Surit – Moral Poverty

Keepsakes – And So The Feckless Fall

Remco Beekwilder – Blurring The Lights

Dahryl – Skull Crawler

Perc – Fire In Negative

Perc – E Mono

Tommy Four Seven – X Threat      

Swarm Intelligence – Murmur 

Swarm Intelligence – Passive

Scalameriya – Piercing Through An Armored Heart

Bunkerterror – Slugger

E-Saggila – Pattern Obligation

E-Saggila – One Last Midnight (Feat. Oil Thief)

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