This show episode pays homage to Cheb Terro. An hour of Hip Hop, Rap and Phonk music inspired by Toxic Club’s sound and many other artists. Artwork by Saif Fradj



Hip Hop, Trap, Phonk

Cheb Terro – Eat a kid

Cheb Terro x Dj Hrizen – Cyber phonk

6extermination – Endless trap

Nitrxmane – Freddie Dredd x devilish trio type beat – Sworn Enemy

Egor muf – dixotomiya – feat. a

Cxxlion – Overload

Lelxx – Zodd

Dj Hrizen – Toxic

Suicideboy – Exodus

Muqata’a – Taqamus Muqawim

Cheb Terro – Glue sniffer-01

Ghostemane – Blackmage

Filmmaker – Conjured portal (okvlt007

Nicemem$ound – Destroy

Kxllyxu – Paranoid playas

Xteage – Speed

Slikback – Worth

Geng x King Vision Ultra – HELLEARTH

Cheb Terro – ناكل ظبع

Zuli- Akhtuboot – ft Abyusif

Baker- Neva slippin (prod LV Akoza)

Cheb Terro x Dj Hrizen – Cyberphonk 2

Ghostemane x Scruffymane – Black Eyed Kidz – Evilmindz-

Baker x Cvrsxd – Silent Night

Surgery – Anarchy

Zodiacc – Go to hell

Dj Yung Vamp- She wanna fok wit da boss

Cheb Terro ft sick6 – Pecto 666

WA?STE x Yoshitaka Hikawa – Μαθθαιοςಡ ੴಡ 

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