SABIWA is an experimental electronic producer and performer from Taiwan. Her first approach to music was inside an aquarium; she started playing Cello at the age of 12, developing later a deep interest in electronic music, sound designed and field recording. She produces, records and dissects sounds from natural and synthetic sources, making them interact with complex texture and abstract patterns, also using her voice processed as guiding path in her compositions. She is also curating the live visual for her performances. She composed soundtracks for art performances and documentaries, collaborating with numerous artists and musicians. She is actually working in between Berlin, Taipei and Torino as audio-visual producer.



Electronic, Experimental, Classical


Nathan L

Music Of Aborginiigines On Taiwan Island-Vol. 1 – Praying For A RichMallet Harvest



Henri laborit – mon oncle d’amérique

All Too Human – The If Machine

Halvknægten – generate traert

Prune Bécheau – Sonate

Hong Qile – Glitch Punk

edIT – Come To Grips

Agustí Fernández – Llimona

Sabiwa+Queimada – Rarefied Official

Claude Debussy

Tōru Takemitsu – III

Biwa-Uta – The Battle Of Dan No Ura

Nathan L. + Sad Ed – intro


Gibi – ASMR

Chevel – Don’t Be Afraid

TIBSLC – A Shell-Like Object

Nebulo – Fata Morgana

S280F – 111/37/1112/270

Exploited Body – Still Life

O.L.I.V.I.A – Nada Tan Fuerte

Nexcyia – Revelation

Charlie Boy Manson – Distraust (Sid Quirk Re-Work)

Slikback – HYDE

Only Now – Black Wind – Merciless Destiny

Obsequies – Entierro

Happa – Even Rainbows Get Really, Really Sad

Broshuda – Ciel

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