An immersion in Sprælle’s realms, where sharp experimental jaunts combine with the liberating feeling of exaltation, midi notes finding refuge in organic ambient movements, emotionally charged, constantly frontal and always draining.



Avant Garde, Hyperpop, Experimental

Lil rhiz0me – Monaco (feat. Amor Fati)

Nahash – nightmare on dingxi street 

Absyss – Marina Riddim 

Sprælle – ??? (unreleased) 

Tristan – Chyo 


IVVVO – Hold Me Closer (Tiny Dancer)

Ca.Bron – Buuki

Las Ninyas del Corro – Jumanji (prod. L-Street)

Miss Jay – Kane

Antonio Williams – Changes 

Plata – What’s Happening 

mMega – Picnic at Heaven’s Gate 

Sprælle – ??? (unreleased)

ssaliva – Why Me 

Wulffluw XCIV – Nyege Digital Immersion 

BEAN – What’s your Game 

Eargasm God – Elements 

 DRVGジラ- Funeral Flowers

Wench –Sick

Blaze Kidd –Calidad [xXposed version] (ecco2k)

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