Athens based artists Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa started their relationship as Ice_Eyes members some years ago. Together they produce leftfield electronic music forms. Both artists are constantly experimenting with modern club territories, techniques, and atmospheres. Their favorite palette of materials consists of advanced dynamic sound motifs, sub-zero pitched bass drops, and rhythmic alchemies.



Electronic, Leftfield, Breakcore

Eartheater – Burning Feather Kindohm – Deserted 1

Bby Eco – Innerlife

ljj555998 – I’m in love with the slut

nunu – collide ammo

Nova Cheq – Caralho

Brandon Juhans – The Fly

Pugilist – First Contact

Nahash – Liza OFB Blend

Glass – Fragmented memories

Hyph11E – Barnacles

27zig – Tear

Slikback – SAHARA

trngs – Fake vs Full Sail Ironic Labor

Druid – Cyber Time Crisis (Galtier Remix)

dj milktray & nunu – milktraynunu

Penelope’s Fiance – Lethe


GRRL VS 大悲咒 – Impact Mantra (Tzusing Glued)

Hyph11E – Barnacles (Kode9 Remix)

Ice_Eyes – Maps of despair (ABADIR remix)

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