Tune in to Sprælle’s monthly show for an hour of fresh discoveries, all-time favorites and his own unreleased tunes. Broken beats, field recordings, sound collage and cutting-edge electronica.



Downtempo, Experimental, Ambient

Laura Ortman – Housepartypartypartyparty

John T. Gast – Exile

Oxhy – burning tories

Hermann Kopp – Xenofon

Lutto Lento – Second Partition

John Cohen – Human Distortion


Heith – Sangkakala Malaikat

Total Angelica – Edició Esther

Sprælle – Souterrain Sans Fin (unreleased)

James Ferrari – Plastiglomerate & Co. – Human Story 3

Sprælle – Promiscuous Boys & Girls (edit)

Dj lostboi – u can’t see me

George Clanton – Warmspot

Wander with me to wedding

Nudo – piedra tumbada

Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Tomorrow is not Promised (E+E Berserk Blend)

Yves Tumor – E. Eternal

Sprælle – Existence Réarrangée

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