I have selected a number of unreleased tracks by some of my favourite artists at the moment. I chose to showcase these altogether because I want people to be able to hear the magic that is being produced in the world right now, before they are actually released. I always appreciate listening to unreleased music because it gets me so excited in the build up to their release dates. Fast, melodic and emotive. These are just a few words I would use to describe the kind of music in this mix. And for selfish reasons I chose to open with one of my favorite songs of all time, one life 2 live by the legendary kingpin skinny pimp because I have just always wanted too… I hope you enjoy. Marwaan is a producer from Melbourne where he has grown up admiring and emulating the versatility of electronic music. He is a part of the music collective Al Gharib where he and his best friends, manage and curate music releases across a number of electronic genres.



Dance, Electronic

Kingpin Skinny Pimp feat. DJ Paul & Juicy J – One Life 2 Live


Grand V- Hero Dance

Kate Ryan – Désenchantée (Trym Summer20 Re-Work)

DJ Reiz – Orion

hyperforce – neophyte

Transki – Astral Awakening (Unreleased)

Transki – Vienna Gates (DJ Break Da Law Remix)(Unreleased)

August Tange – Fragile Bonds (Unreleased)

Marwaan – Gravitational Waves (Unreleased)

Matriark – 3005 (Secret Harmony)


DEV – The Soul Of The Forrests Is Dying (Unreleased)

whiteshadowhurts & toxicspikeback – Arcadia

Matriark & DJ G2G – 1exRiddle (Unreleased)

ipeo – Meet Your Maker (Unreleased)

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