Chroma is a project created by Sarah Haras and Lin2k12, taking inspiration from ambient techno to footwork, and many more. The duo is delighted to debut their first mix on Radio Ma3azef with their favorite tracks. Photo by Sarah Haras



Techno, UK Bass, IDM

Six Marimbas – Steve Reich

OCNSKR – Lin2k12

Come Home – Zora Jones

MT1 t29r2 – Aphex Twin

CMAH – Lin2k12

Ageispolis – Aphex Twin

How It Was – Andy Stott

Al Hobb El Mouharreb – Deena Abdelwahed

SIN (ft. AUX) – Lin2k12

Swarm – Forest Swords

Replica – E-Saggila

Acid Bit – DJ Rashad

FOG – Lin2k12

Bidders Patch (Possibility) / Distance All Singing – Celyn June

Bow of Perception – Caterina Barberi

Level 5 – Oklou

Orchid Itch – Oli XL

Drop Lock – Lin2k12

NVR – Lin2k12

Azucar (ft. Woesum) – Kamixlo

Vatican Vibes (Dubbel Dutch Remix) – Fatima Al Qadiri

ID – Chroma

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