Evitceles invites one of his favorite Bulgarian artists – Cyberian. During the first hour of the show the atmosphere of Cyberian will swim between black metal, medieval ambient, obscure music and noise. Evitceles mix follows the same tones but materialized in softer forms. This episode is one that strongly resonates with the forthcoming Bulgarian winter and our melancholic souls.



Black metal, Noise, Dark Wave

Elffor-Funereal Depths Of The Dark

Old Tower – Storms Of The Dragon’s Spells

Satyricon-I En Svart Kiste

Darkthrone-Snø Og Granskog Utferd

Neptune Towers- To Cold Void Desolation

Laylah – Lungs decay

Cyberian – Experiment in terror

Laylah- Where angels go to die

Giles Corey – Im going to do it

Stephen Stapleton & Tony Wakeford – Lucifer Before the Sunrise

Xasthur – Intro

Xasthur-Blood from the Roots of the Forest

Laylah – Elprom

Pharmakon – Somatic

Prurient – Transparent child

Xasthur-With Hate Freezing My Veins

Leviathan – At the Door to the Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

Boards Of Canada – White Cyclosa

Otro – Untitled (For Mark)

The Product – Everywhere, Here, Nowhere

Helmet – Sinatra

Celestial Trax – Reflection

Zhe Pechorin – Compulsive Loner

Black Haine – Moors

Ramleh – Fun Stealer

Evitceles – I Am Poison

HTRK – Department Store

Zhe Pechorin – The Mirror Key

Evitceles – Hydrogenic Murder

Emika – Sleep In The Day

Crosses – †

Boards of Canada – Nine-Rubber Wisdom

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