Coinciding with the release of Lebanese musician and producer Fadi Tabbal’s new album MUSIC FOR THE LONELY Vol.2 by Lebanese indie label Ruptured, Ziad Nawfal presents a set consisting exclusively of tracks by Fadi Tabbal, both from his solo and various group projects.



Electronica, Ambient, Post Rock, Drone

Fadi Tabbal – Woolgathering (2013)

The Bunny Tylers – While Her Blood Screams His Name (2016)

Stress Distress – What Children Dream About (2019)

Scrambled Eggs – SE + SS, MK & FT (2010)

Under The Carpet – Rock Bottom (2015)      

Fadi Tabbal – The Quiet Earth (2013)

Stress Distress – Night [Theme from Days of Gone 2] (2016)

Fadi Tabbal – The New and Improved Guide to Birdwatching Vol.2 (2020)

Fadi Tabbal – Music for Circles (2018)

Fadi Tabbal – How’s Annie (Edit) (2016)

Fadi Tabbal – Crystal Palace (2015)

The Bunny Tylers – Contact Transfer Stains (2016)

Fadi Tabbal – Ceremony by The Sea (2020)

Fadi Tabbal – Snow Scene [with Ghassan Sahhab] (2022)

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