My ultimate driving mix if I was to travel from say, Southend to Northhampton – which is where Alan Moore is from btw. 



Righteous Indignation, Modern Classical, Dub Reggae

Elliott Carter – Unknown track

Klaus Schultz – Ways of Changes

Human League – You remind me of Gold

Japan – Love is Infectious

Nitzer Ebb – For Fun

DJ-X and the Bassonlians – Bassonlian Conquest

808 State – State Ritual

Tapes Meets the Drums of Wareika Hill – Datura Mystic

Zaan – Tibetan Bread

Curt Cress – Flying High

Saada Bonaire – The Facts

Sudan Archives – Glorious

HarmoniusThelonius – Unidentified Ensemble

Keith Leblanc – I’ve Come Up With Something

Kruton – A Quick Goodbye

The Disco 3 – Reality

Whodini – Big Mouth (Accapella)

Fonda Rae – Heobah (Hey-O-Bah)

Invincible Scum – House of the Rising Scum

Bam Bam – I Get a Rush

Cultural Thugs – Forever and Ever

Big Pig – Breakaway

Egyption Lover – Freak-A-Holic

Visage – The Anvil

Chrome Hoof – Body of Perfection (Inky Blackness Bitch Mix)

Broken Glass – Style of the Street

Sensational & Kruton – You i the Right Spot (Bintus reconstruction)

Mental Cube – Q

D.J. Lelewel – Magic Atto II

2 in a Room – Music’s Hypnotizing

White Label

Messiah – There is No Law

Underground Resistance – The Mighty Asteroids of Jupiter

Bintus – ‘Rag It!’

Aswad – Mossman Skank

Dominik Von Senger – excerpt from Brussler Platz 

Skywhale – Boggles, Him Go Walkabout

Spirit – Joker on the Run

Rodion GA – Tic Tac

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