OHNE is both a 60-pages publication edited by NOT399093 and Lapo Sorride (published by Asile185, art space in 1055 Turin) and an electro-acoustic split-album on cassette composed by the same artists, printed by Riforma (the screw-wave catalogue of New Weird Italia). All in a very limited edition. Riforma is spreading mixes through indipendent web radios in order to introduce the concept and the sound entities behind the release.



Screw Wave, Smarmellocore, Tencogrime

not399093 –  unreleased

kinked – ohne 

Flørist – Untitled 1

Altrimenti –  Still Unsanded

Kabin Krew – insert token

Broshuda – Leg

Shit Creek – Doctor Pig

Mondoriviera – Semitraslucido jam

Kinked – 2 fields


Rainbow Island – Gombo Riddims

Polonius & Xénomorphe – Prowling Between the Roots and Rocks of Magna Graecia

Somaticae – Amesys

not399093 – panasonica

ZULI – Fly On The Wall 

not399093 and kinked – snz

Kinlaw & Franco Franco – Militante Del Niente

Wackelkontakt – papamummy

Dori Sorride – Bestia Rara (NOT399093 Rework)

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