QOW invites Mor Wen, Prague-Based artist from Vietnam. Being an offspring of Vietnamese migrants, but born and raised in Prague, Mary’s life and art are an amalgam of different cultural backgrounds. Among experiences informing her practice is a participation in physical theatre, intergenerational dance & movement workshops, teaching Việt children in Prague’s cultural centre of Sapa.



Hybrid, Electronic

Wyoxen (Xynnh~Mor Wen) – Walk With Me [excerpt 1]

Audio from the movie Fallen Angels by Wong Kar Wai (jogging scene)

Hideki Umezawa – Still | Steel (excerpt)

Jan Jelinek – Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion industry. Is fashion as important to you as music?

Xiola Yin with Jatum Risba & Manolis Zografakis – Unison Alchemy

Kuupu – Summer (feat. Draama-Helmi)

Wyoxen – Walk With Me [excerpt 2]

福祿壽 – Life MixXynnh – Zero  

Tiago Morais Morgado – Laurindinha

Jonáš Gruska – Žaškovský salaš

Wyoxen – Walk With Me [excerpt 3]

Francis Goya – La ragazza di bube (Mor Wen oxiflip edit)

Wyoxen – unreleasedWyoxen – Walk With Me [excerpt 4]

Airmax ’97 – Profanations

Seven Orbits – Mantis (Zaliva-D remix)

Tiny Giant – Ngày Mới (Mor Wen cut)

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